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Apr 11, 2017 by Albert

simple, quick done. Got to admire delivery with no drama, and leaving without a trace. Thanks

Great Job!

Apr 08, 2017 by Grace Emanuel

Thank you for a trouble-free delivery. The men were on time. It was raining, but the product was bone dry. They were polite, quick, and thorough even with a demo. God bless them.

Outstanding Service

Mar 22, 2017 by Steven Petrie

Excellent service! Completely Satisfied!

The men who delivered and assembled the bed were careful, competent and friendly.

Vizio Television Delivery

Mar 20, 2017 by Kevin Beasley

The drivers should be commended for their professionalism.




Very Impressed and Grateful

Mar 15, 2017 by Rosita G

I was so impressed with the procedures followed to deliver my replacement TV... from the notification process thru e-mail to the actual delivery . The drivers, Rick and Mike, arrived within the time frame promised, set up the Vizio carefully and did not leave a speck of packing materials. Rick took the time to explain how to operate the remote after patiently waiting for the updates on remote and TV. Very courteous, polite, friendly and the ultimate in professionalism.

Perfect Service

Mar 14, 2017 by Eric Russell

Delivery was ahead of schedule which worked out perfectly! The guys were quick, worked well together and went above and beyond setting my bed up. Very, very happy with the service.


Mar 07, 2017 by Edith Wedel

The installers were very cautious of the surroundings, knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and neat. As a rule I am a little uncomfortable with anyone I do not know being in the home - I was very relaxed and at ease with these young men.


Mar 04, 2017 by Sandy

They helped us to move the old bed out of the way. They were very polite.

NEED TO correct my survey

Mar 02, 2017 by DAYLE MONTGOMERY

I reviewed my survey answers and I found that the 2 (two) very nice very efficient driver/delivery men were not credited for their performance and I want that corrected immediately. I tried to go back to the survey input area but I could not. THANK YOU MANNA FOR EXECELENT DELIVERY AND SERVICE. DAYLE & BOB MONTGOMERY

Craftsman Beds

Feb 17, 2017 by Vincent Genella

They did an Excellent Job!!!!!!

Excellent service!

Feb 03, 2017 by cmz

Wonderful, professional service. The delivery personnel were very careful moving and setting up an adjustable bed base. As busy homeowners, we appreciate being emailed and notified of tracking locations. Wish ALL customer service was as good!

Almost Perfect

Jan 31, 2017 by John Horsch

The gentlemen forgot one facet of installation. They did not put the 4-grippers under the bed wheels.

Vizio Support

Jan 25, 2017 by Rick

Professionalism at its best. Prompt, polite and went the extra mile to move a piece of furniture for me to fit the new TV. Very Impressed... Thank You

Jan 21, 2017 by Dianna

Excellent service, on time and the calls prior to delivery were very much appreciated! Very satisfied with my service!

Delivery Service

Jan 18, 2017 by Cynthia Harris

I do appreciate your delivery service. Very professional. I received several emails stating I was on there schedule with tracking information of the location of my vending machine. Also two phone calls were received confirming the time of delivery. That was awesome!

Great job

Jan 14, 2017 by Ron Tomecko

Great experience, set up personnel were fast, on time, courteous, and very knowledgeable on the set up of my TV.


Jan 12, 2017 by Brian

Product was delivered on time. Delivery people were polite and courteous. I would recommend for any deliveries.

delivery beat original order

Jan 12, 2017 by pk

I want to be clear that the people that set up the delivery of the set, once it got to the central destination, were excellent. The original order was not sent or received as promised by the manufacturer, so I do not blame the people who then delivered it to my home. As others noted, everything they (the delivery company from airport to my house) promised, about the calls, and delivery times was as stated.


Jan 10, 2017 by therese

We place alot of online orders for items that are similar to this one. We've had every delivering company known to man come into our home to bring sofas, chairs, tables, etc. These delivery men, as well as Manna customer service and management, were so far above any other trucking delivery co. that I was actually surprised. I didn't know that this level of courtesy and professionalism existed in this business.
They assembled our adjustable bed not in the shortest time possible (so they could go home), but as efficiently as possible. I really think that other companies are going to have to keep up. I can't help hoping that they corner the market down here.


Jan 09, 2017 by Karen Haapala

The to guys that had to drive 8 hour from Minn all the way to God's county to bring me my new tv work were wonderful put in my new tv in took the old one back only to have to turn rite back around and good to wi. To pick up another tv I hope you pay your driver good they do one hell of a jod.

Jan 06, 2017 by Janet Frank

Very professional and also friendly. Two phone calls to confirm timing was much appreciated. Nothing left behind for me to deal with.

Give them a Raise!

Jan 05, 2017 by Lupe

Excellent service. I was called prior to the arrival. These guys are great! They were very professional, friendly. These guys went above and beyond. They unpacked the television carefully and made sure everything was working properly before leaving. I say keep these guys for as long as you can and oh! give them a raise!.

Jan 03, 2017 by peggy pompa

great service,polite. On time too.

Visio delivery

Dec 06, 2016 by Marshall

Super service, professional and informative delivery service. I would recommend them anytime.

Reality Delivery by Manna Distribution Services 2440 Enterprise Dr. Mendota Heights MN, 55120 USA 4.6 5.0 404 404 simple, quick done. Got to admire delivery with no drama, and leaving without a trace. Thanks

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